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1. I’m having a hard time finding and hiring sales talent, why is this?

In April 2020, 48% of hospitality and tourism jobs were lost - this includes sales people. Many were forced  to pursue work in other fields and are unable to re-enter the hospitality industry.


2. How much money can my hotel save using Rework?

It costs hotels on average $4,129 to fill open positions. Once an employee is hired, it costs an additional 29.9% of the employees salary to cover paid leave, health benefits, retirement plans, FICA payments, unemployment benefits and more. Rework saves hotels 100% of all of these costs.


3. How does Rework’s pricing tiers compare to an on-property DOS salary?

The average annual salary of a Director of Sales in the USA is $65k - 85k, not including additional costs for benefits. Rework’s Director of Sales Tier provides these services for $42k a year! 


4. Is a Remote Director of Sales really as effective as someone on property?

Yes! Rework RDOS’ sell via email, phone, video call, RFP platforms and more. While your on-property team focuses on operations, your RDOS is able to spend their time selling. Rework utilizes your on-property team to assist with site tours and anything requiring someone to be present. Our model means no risk of getting pulled into operations!


5. I already have a Director of Sales onsite, how can Rework help me?

Rework can be proactive, reactive, or both! We can take time consuming tasks off your onsite team’s plate; like prospecting, responding to leads, rate auditing, creating group resumes and more! We are an additional resource to your onsite team.


6. How are you different from other Hotel Sales Support Services?

RDOS’ with other Hotel Sales Support Services are managing between 8-14 hotels at at time, we limit our RDOS’ to 4 hotels maximum. This means we have double the amount of time to sell our hotels than our competitors do for theirs, meaning more revenue. We put together a tailored Hotel Strategic Sales Plan for each of our hotels, and our Non-Compete means we will not service your STR Report competition while working with you. 


7. How do you choose which Remote Director of Sales is assigned to my hotel?

We prioritize Hotel Brand experience. We understand the importance of having someone assigned to your hotel that knows Brand Standards, the PMS system, Brand Portal, Brand Business Case/RFP process…etc. If we can assign someone who has both Brand and Market experience, even better!

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